The Tinplate works comes back to life

As part of the Kidwelly 900 celebrations, a series of performances reflecting the different histories of the people of both Kidwelly and Mynyddygarreg has been scheduled. The Museum has been invited to participate in the event and as such two evening performances set in different areas around the site have been arranged for 7pm on the 24th and 25th May.

The actors, musicians and theatre technicians, who have spent the last month preparing different acts and pieces at the museum, are all third year students and lecturers from Trinity St. David’s University. The Trustees have enjoyed seeing the way an event like this can enliven the museum in a new and different way.

If you would like to see the Trinity St. David’s students’ interpretation of the Tinplate works and stories about Kidwelly and Mynyddygarreg please go to the kidwelly 900 webpage for more details….. book soon, tickets are limited for some events

URGENT!!! Sunday 10th May & Volunteers

Due to the Kidwelly Mayor Making ceremony many of the Trustees and the Curator will not be available to open the Museum on the 10th May for volunteers.

The Museum will be open on Wednesday the 6th May at 1.30pm, Wednesday the 13th May at 1.30pm and then Sundays from the 16th May

Thank you

Calling all would be Volunteers !!!

We now have a number of volunteering opportunities at the museum, these can be found on the volunteering link in the menu on the left…

We will be meeting up on Wednesday afternoon and Sundays to undertake a number of tasks together; for more information about starting dates and times please check out the volunteering section of the website

We look forward to seeing you

Remembering Kidwelly Tinplate

Waiting in the Hot Rolls for Prince Charles

The photo above shows a number of the ex-tinplate workers meeting Prince Charles. This photo has been brought to the museum by the son of one of the gentleman sat on the bench.

Found on the internet about an individual and his connection to the tinplate:

Capt. Francis Randell: (1772-1839) He was christened in Clovelly on 29th Nov 1772, as son of Thomas Rendle, and married Rebecca Thomas on 17 January 1797, at Kidwelly. His fellow bondsman was a Robert Ashton, Mariner, of Clovelly, Devon.
“A lease agreement exists, dated 23 November 1802, between “John Vaughan of Golden Grove in the County of Carmarthen and Francis Randall of the Town of Kidwelly in the County of Carmarthen, Mariner” of a “dwelling house and garden in Cawsey St otherwise Bridge St in the said Town of Kidwelly “. During 1803-1808 Francis Randell was Master of MARY of Llanelly, a 53 tons brigantine, which was a Prize from the French. This ship was owned by Hazelwood, Hathaway and Perkins, proprietors of Kidwelly Tinplate Works. The vessel would have carried tinplate, pig iron, coal, bar iron, in the coastal trade.”

For more information about the Radalls and the and to find this

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