The Museum Site

The Museum Site Plan (this is not to scale – click the plan to see the image larger)

Plan of Kidwelly Industrial Museum

Each of the numbers on the plan indicate an area within the Museum, the map index below identifies each of the numbered areas

Number Building/Item
1 Reception
2 Toilets
3 Box Room and Sorting Room
4 Old Castle building
5 Barbershop
6 Mess Room/ Office
7 Blacksmiths
8 Stores
9 Hot Rolls
10 Morlais mining Exhibition
11 Blackstone Engine
12 Cold Rolls
a Car Park and lower works
b Small Diesel engine
c Large Diesel Train
d Large Steam train
e Morlais pit head
f Pickling and Annealing
g Weir
h Chimney
pp Private property

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