Schools and the Museum

The Museum and its Trust have put together a schools pack which follows the Story of a boy about to start work at the Kidwelly Tinplate works

The Museum Trust in partnership with Gwdihoo Education has developed a Key stage 2 (KS2) education pack to look at and discuss the different processes that took place at this unique site. The schools pack uses the story of young Gareth and his visit to his family members working at the tinplate works on the day before he himself is due to join the industry.
The pack introduces the students to information about the tinplate processes and encourages through role play a better understanding of the many different technical, social and economic aspects of the works and the tinplate industry.
The pack itself is split into 3 distinct sections;

The first is the tour pack, this is used by the museum volunteers and it outlines the story about Gareth and guides the students and teachers around the works.

The second pack is the pre-visit pack and this is made available to teachers before the visit, this pulls together a lot of background information about the industry, its impact on the town of Kidwelly, information that can be used post visit and further references about the tinplate industry.

The third section contains the worksheets that are used in the plenary session of the school’s visit.

The Trust and the Museum hope that this pack will help to describe the unique nature of the site and encourage interest, discussions and an enthusiasm for this important area of Welsh Industry. Please click the link below to access a copy of the Education Pack.

Schools and Museum safety Pack
Museum Pre Visit information
Tinplate Education Plan information

A Welsh copy of the pre-visit information of the education pack will soon be added to this page.

To prepare schools and groups for their visit to the Museum, the Trust has prepared a document that addresses safety and the site. To download a copy of this document please click hereTo read this document you will need to have an Adobe PDF reader, you can download a free reader here

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